Natural Remedies For Keratosis Pilaris

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Keratosis pilaris is a very common disease affecting skin. This defect which is caused is not vital and so it can be treated even at home. There are many methods to treat this defect with the help of using herbs. Natural remedies for keratosis pilaris include some commonly used herbs and even our daily food ingredients could be used effective against this disease. Rather than searching for the best method it is better to go for consuming foods that are based on vitamin – E as they are responsible for the nourishment of skin which in turn reduces the defect of keratosis pilaris.

Keratosis pilaris involves in some common procedure like moisturizing, exfoliation, and hydrating. Also natural herbs like calendula, marshmallow, burdock, chickweed, and sambugus nigra will be very powerful against the symptom of keratosis pilaris. People affected by this skin defect will have symptoms like bumps, discoloration, and itchy feeling in the affected area. These symptoms will be removed by the use of natural methods. Also it is better to have some types of baths that area advised by doctors. Bath like oatmeal can be done for the treatment of keratosis pilaris. This method is done by making the person to have a good dip in a tub that contains oatmeal which will help to hydrate the skin.

The natural treatment for keratosis pilaris does not have any side effects and so it is recommended by many dermatologists. Herbs which have the effect of good smoothing of skin can be used to soften the bumps. If this is frequently done then the dryness of the bumps will be removed and thereby clear the bumps completely. There are also some home remedies which can be done for reducing the effect of keratosis pilaris. Foods like salt, lemon, milk, butter will be effective in removing the bumps. Citric aci and lactic acid can also be used as they fight against keratosis pilaris.

The treatment also included some types of food to be consumed. Foods that are based on vitamin – E can be consumed which increases the stability and nourishment for the skin. Moisture factor should be maintained perfectly which another factor to be considered. Also avoid foods that are rich in proteins. Proteins will induce the growth of keratin around the hair follicles so it is better to avoid it. Try to avoid all types of meaty dishes as they come under protein. Supplements which are rich in vitamins like zinc capsules and fish capsules can be consumed

The natural treatment for keratosis pilaris will be effective with the addition of natural and organic food materials to the regular schedule. So it will be easy to reduce the skin defect. As soon as coming with any of the symptoms treat with the best natural remedy to be safe. The treatment will be prolonged for a complete cure so it is not advisable to leave it in the middle. After being aware of the natural treatments try it out safely with the help of dermatologists.

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